Regional Learning Collaboratives

Regional Learning Collaboratives

Regional Learning Collaboratives

General Information
The Anchor Entity is required to organize periodic Provider Learning Collaboratives in RHP 4. The primary aim of the collaboratives is to promote sharing of challenges and testing of new ideas and solutions by providers implementing similar Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects; the collaboratives are an important part of the Providers' DSRIP project quality improvement process.

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RHP 4 Learning CollaborativesExcept for webinars, all RHP 4 Learning Collaboratives are held at least semiannually, face to face, at the Region 2 Education Service Center located at 209 N. Water Street in Corpus Christi, Texas 78401.

Public Notices for future RHP 4 Learning Collaboratives that have definite meeting dates/times are posted in Stakeholder Opportunities & Public Notices.

Click the links provided below under RHP 4 Learning Collaborative Activities to access information about the previous RHP 4 Learning Collaboratives. Within the RHP 4 Learning Collaborative Activities meeting titles further below, the abbreviations shown have the following meanings:
  • ATC - Access to Care;
  • DSRIP - Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment;
  • LC - Learning Collaborative;
  • PER - Patient Engagement and Responsibility; and
  • RTFI - Raise The Floor Initiative.

Provider Participation DocumentationAttendance records documenting provider attendees' participation in the RHP 4 Learning Collaborative activities shown below are not available on this website for viewing or downloading.  However, external download links to the various attendance sheets are available to participating providers from the Anchor Entity upon that entity receiving a Learning Collaborative Attendee Sign-In Sheet Email Request from the Provider. For privacy and security reasons, the download links to the Learning Collaborative attendance records are only available to participating providers.

RHP 4 Learning Collaborative ActivitiesBelow is an itemized listing of the documents and information presented at RHP 4's Learning Collaboratives; all files are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader or a supported web browser such as Google Chrome.

Last Updated: 10/15/2021